Monday, May 26, 2014

#23. Evaluate

Well this turned out to be overwhelmingly for personal use. I did gain a lot more knowledge about what kind of apps are out there for way more topics than I could have imagined. I found very few others that got beyond the first entry or two of this project so was unable to make connections with others. I would really have liked it to read how others can use these in an elementary library setting. I enjoyed discovering new thing and probably learned a lot more as a new user of this type of technology than some others may have. Thank you for the opportunity.

#19 Hobbies

I tried Road Ninja but we are to far away from an exit to get any info at the moment. I don't have any distant travel plans at the moment so I'll have to see if I can pick up anything in our area on this one. I love gardening so took a look at Vertical Gardening ideas. There are a lot of ideas to try. I also looked at Gardening by Again all personal use.

# 22 Discovering Apps

Droid of the Day was my choice. In the two weeks that I've been getting daily notifications I have not seen any that were library appropriate. It is fun to see what is new out there and read up one them and watch for reviews. The one I got for today sounded good until reading reviews. IFTTT: if this then that. A way to set timers, reminders and notifications. Doesn't read well for reliability though. I'm going to give it a try though. So far no reminders. Many channels opened automatically. I have searched through the Droid of the Day Apps List for anything library worthy and have come up with zero. A few that might have personal use possibilities like UpNext for productivity reminders.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#21 Free-for-All

Apps I love.... Holy Bible because it has daily readings you can pick topics from. It gives you a daily reminder for any of the Reading plans you pick. ColorNote because you create a sticky notes for what ever you need a reminder for and it can be color coordinated, added to and deleted. I have found it helpful for keeping track of passwords or aces instructions personally. Remember the Milk because it can be used for so many tasks. I only wish for daily reminders to be given in the free version.

#20 Games

I've enjoyed CANDY Crush Saga for some time. Easy to get stuck at a level and when you finally pass you wonder why it took so long. Great for eye hand coordination and speed thinking. I think it could be used in a professional setting for eye therapy or rewarded for possitive response times. I also picked Take Ten. Ended up deleting because directions weren't in English. I was looking. At this one for the math application possibilities.

#18 Education

I picked Google Earth to start with because I've heard many people talk about it. Zoomed right in to my location without having to do anything. I wonder how old the feed is? Several months would be my guess. Very easy to move around and go to a different location quickly. This has great geography potential in schools. Next I picked Fooducate. Our Wellness Committee would be interested in this one. I searched some of our favorites and found lots of them along with great comparisons. It might come in useful in the grocery store too.

#17 Connecting to Community

I started using Minnesota 511 this past fall because of my travel needs in the middle of the night. It helped me to make good and safe choices for my travels. The City of Mankato 311 is not compatible with my device. It would be helpful so I could see what summer construction was going on and where. MPR Radio has a nice variety to offer for personal use.